How to Up-cycle a Coffee Bar using Dixie Belle Paints

We have been busy at Vintage Attic up cycling an old bench into an industrial coffee trolley, using Autentico, you can achieve the same effects using Dixie Belle Products, in the paint colour caviar, you will only need a small 4oz pot for this. The big mamas butter is perfect for sealing and conditioning the wood and again the 4oz tin will be plenty.  You will also need a 4oz pot of the black best dang wax. For brushes try the Dixie Belle la petite brush for waxing and the cling on F40 for applying you're paint. 

After finding an old workshop bench in the shed, and having a coffee addiction it was obvious what we needed to do. Make a coffee trolley! Who doesn't need a place for their beloved coffee machines to live? Okay, tea would work too! So after gathering a few things from the workshop, we got to work. Heres how we did it...


 This is what we started with, super simple, and hopefully you have something similar in your shed.. if not keep your eyes peeled!

The Process:

  • Give it a little clean, sugar soap and an old shirt will probably do the job. 
  • Now it's clean it's time to get painting. We decided to leave the top, the bottom shelf and the middle of the drawer natural for the industrial look we wanted. 
  • Apply the paint to the legs and drawer fronts, as it is unvarnished pretty naked wood, the paint will go on really easily, and only took 2 coats! We had a sunny day so we left about 20 minutes between coats. Perfect time for a coffee Break. 
  • Once it is all dry it was time to wax. Start with the black wax. Incase of mistakes, and to make it easier tape off the edges of the areas you want to leave natural, and then apply the black wax over the paint with a wax brush. We chose black wax to get a deeper colour with a light sheen finish, it will also provide us with protection against knocks and spills. 
  • Then your ready to wax the unpainted areas, as the wood already had a lovely grain we used the clear wax. 
  • The final step, add the Castor wheels
  • Give everything a bash up. We wanted that used look, so we distressed it, sand paper was our hero!
  • And the final product...




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