First Coat of Fusion Mineral Paint - Pine TV Cabinet Makeover Part 3

We have chosen to paint this pine tv cabinet in Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Chestler. We have decided to go with this paint as it will give a really durable finish and does not require waxing.

We saw a tv cabinet from Neptunes Henley range and thought that our pine unit has a similar look to it.

So here it is after it's first coat of paint!

pine tv cabinet after one coat of Fusion Mineral paint chestler, it has a similar style to one form Neptunes Henley range.

As you can see we have not painted the top as this is going to be stained and oiled.

We painted first the coat straight on to the wood as we are using quite a dark colour and there are only a few small pine knots we have not needed to seal it first.

We used a brushkeeper pro 16 to apply the paint. These are really great as they have a little pot that the brush sits in and it keeps it sealed in between use. You can add your paint to the brusher keeper pot and paint from it.

These are the new handles that we have chosen.

New handles are lovely contemporary black ones to give the pine cupboard doors a new look

We decided to replace the old handles and give the pine cupboard doors a fresh new contemporary look. After all if they are good enough for Neptune then they will be great for us!

Keep following to see our pine tv cabinet's full makeover!


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