How to Use Decoupage Tissue Papers & Rice Papers

How To Apply Decoupage Tissue Papers & Rice Papers

Our Redesign with Prima, Belles & Whistles by Dixie Belle Paint furniture and Posh Chalk Decoupage Papers, Tissues, Fibres and Rice Papers are exceptionally detailed, high quality and easy to use fro decoupage. They can be applied to transform many surfaces such as wood, walls, glass, mirrors and fabrics, along with many more surfaces, using our easy to follow instructions to create unique styles.

Always ensure you apply to a clean dry surface. If you are applying your decoupage to painted surfaces, allow at least 48 hours for your paint to fully cure before applying the decoupage (remember though you may need to wait longer if you are working in cold conditions as this will extend the drying times).

Step 1

Prepare the surface by cleaning to ensure there is no debris or dust.

When using to decoupage painted furniture, we recommend choosing a paint colour that is a similar shade as the lightest element of your design as your base colour for your decoupage to sit on, as the under colour can often be visible though the decoupage tissues.

Step 2

Measure and cut your Decor Tissue Paper to the correct size, or slightly larger, depending on your item being decoupaged.

You may need to pattern match so take this into account when working out how much decoupage paper you will need.


When using over drawer fronts that meet together and have no separation between them when inserted into the furniture, remove drawers from furniture and place all drawers on their back, placing them together in the order they go when in the furniture. For example the top drawer, followed by the middle drawer, followed by the bottom drawer. Check they are all in line before placing your decoupage tissue over all surfaces and then carefully marking lightly with a pencil (remember you do not want to mark thick dark lines and they may be visible) and then cutting carefully on the line to remove it. Using this process will ensure your pattern is matched on the drawer fronts.

Step 3

Apply a sealing medium such as Art Basics Decoupage Matte Varnish / Decoupage Gloss Varnish or Dixie Belle ‘Clear Coat’ Sealer in your choice of finish, to the surface of your project. Lay your tissue paper in position and flatten out from the centre, talking care to eliminate air bubbles to ensure a good adhesion. Apply a further coat over the top.


Use one of our Dixie Belle Foam Brush Applicators to apply your decoupage medium. You can wash it out with warm water when finished, ready to use for your next craft project.

When working with Rice Papers to fine Tissues, after you have applied the decoupage glue, use a sponge to carefully press down on the design to help eliminate creases and wrinkles. Do not rub or over wipe as it will split the rice paper.

Once dry, apply another coat of sealer. The tissue is fibrous and the sealer will permeate the fibres so that, when dry, your tissue paper will be well-adhered to the surface of your project.


After your decoupage tissue has dried if you have any over hang you can sand this gently using a sanding block. Take the sanding block in gentle downward strokes on the surface edge, do not bring the block in an upward direction or you might bring up the edge of the paper.

REdesign with prima decoupage tissue papers, fibre, aged patina