What is Fusion Mineral Paint and why you will love it!

So what exactly is Fusion Mineral Paint and why is everyone going crazy for it! 

Fusion™ Mineral Paint is made up of 100% acrylic, water, and high quality mineral pigments, locally sourced and eco friendly ingredients. The acrylic results in an extremely durable, solid non porous finish. So you do not need to apply a finish such as wax, as you would need to with chalk paints.

What is Fusion Mineral Paint vs chalk paint

So isn’t this the same as most other paint apart from the waxing I hear you ask! 

No it isn’t and this is why 

Most paint is a made up of a vinyl/acrylic blend and depending on the ratio of acrylic to vinyl depends on its performance. The more acrylic content makes for a higher quality of paint, Vinyl, usually toxic,  is much cheaper than acrylic and is often used as a filler mixed with the acrylic to keep the cost of the paint lower. However once blended,  the durability and adhesion of the finished product is not ideal for furniture. Fusion Mineral Paint is made only using high grade acrylic making it the perfect choice!

Fusion Mineral Paint ideal furniture paint

Other great features of Fusion Mineral Paint include a fabulous matte lustre, consistency of colour, super smooth finish which is truly washable and  it’s high humidity tolerance making it the perfect choice for indoor and outside use. Having the acrylic base you can be sure it is non-yellowing and the mineral pigment makes it UV stable so won’t fade! 

Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence ideal outdoor paint

Fusion Mineral Paint needs minimal prep and is the perfect choice for beginners as it is so easy to use but also a go to paint for advanced users as it can also be distressed and used with decorative finishes such as coloured wax, glaze and gilding! 

Fusion Mineral Paint Coloured Wax Espresso antiquing black white liming and metallic wax

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Fusion Mineral Paint come and Paint it Beautiful with Vintage Attic


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