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What is Fusion Mineral Paint and why you will love it! 2

So what exactly is Fusion Mineral Paint and why is everyone going crazy for it! 

Fusion™ Mineral Paint is made up of 100% acrylic, water, and high quality mineral pigments, locally sourced and eco friendly ingredients. The acrylic results in an extremely durable, solid non porous finish. So you do not need to apply a finish such as wax, as you would need to with chalk paints.

What is Fusion Mineral Paint vs chalk paint

So isn’t this the same as most other paint apart from the waxing I hear you ask! 

No it isn’t and this is why 

Most paint is a made up of a vinyl/acrylic blend and depending on the ratio of acrylic to vinyl depends on its performance. The more acrylic content makes for a higher quality of paint, Vinyl, usually toxic,  is much cheaper than acrylic and is often used as a filler mixed with the acrylic to keep the cost of the paint lower. However once blended,  the durability and adhesion of the finished product is not ideal for furniture. Fusion Mineral Paint is made only using high grade acrylic making it the perfect choice!

Fusion Mineral Paint ideal furniture paint

Other great features of Fusion Mineral Paint include a fabulous matte lustre, consistency of colour, super smooth finish which is truly washable and  it’s high humidity tolerance making it the perfect choice for indoor and outside use. Having the acrylic base you can be sure it is non-yellowing and the mineral pigment makes it UV stable so won’t fade! 

Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence ideal outdoor paint

Fusion Mineral Paint needs minimal prep and is the perfect choice for beginners as it is so easy to use but also a go to paint for advanced users as it can also be distressed and used with decorative finishes such as coloured wax, glaze and gilding! 

Fusion Mineral Paint Coloured Wax Espresso antiquing black white liming and metallic wax

So what are you waiting for….buy yours online here

Or maybe you want to find out more about it then book one of our workshops here!

Fusion Mineral Paint come and Paint it Beautiful with Vintage Attic

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Which Paint Should You Use? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or Fusion Mineral Paint or Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint! 6

So what is it to be? Are you confused? Is it enough to make you go and lay down?

Fusion Mineral paint or Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint or Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which should I use

Every day I get asked these questions, 'what is the best Paint to use' and 'what is the difference between Fusion Mineral Paint and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint'

So the best place to start is to grab a coffee and look at the facts-

Look at the facts between Fusion Mineral Paint and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

The biggest difference is that Fusion Mineral Paint is not a Chalk Paint, it does not contain any chalk. 

Chalk Paint and milk paint really needs to be sealed once painted as it is very porous and this will create a barrier and prevent it absorbing dust and dirt from the air and oil from hands.

Fusion Mineral Paint does not need to be sealed as it has a built in top coat. Although just as with Chalk Paint you can add coloured wax to enhance your finish.

Both paints can be distressed and given an aged look.

Fusion Mineral Paint is waterproof and washable whereas chalk paint would need to have a varnish type finish to make it waterproof. Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint can also be used outdoors and can be left sealed or unsealed!

Using Fusion Mineral Paint Outdoors or Annie Sloan Chalk paint

Both paints can be applied to most surfaces with minimal preparation.

Fusion Mineral Paint has an acrylic base and is not only washable but truly scrubbable once fully cured and so is a good choice where extra durability is required!

Fusion Mineral Paint or Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which is best for durability


Hopefully I have answered some of your questions! Pop in store if you ever have any more, or book on to one of our workshops for some hands on experience!

Kitchen Cabinet Facelift with Fusion Mineral Paint UK 0

Fusion Mineral Paint Kitchen Makeover

Our kitchen cabinets have waited patiently for some much needed love, and Mark has finally got to them on the ever growing list. 

Originally the cabinets were natural oak throughout, and have served us well! But over the years they have lost a lot of their sheen, and natural colour from the sunlight in the kitchen. We wanted to brighten the whole space and give it a true facelift! We chose to refinish using the Fusion Mineral Paint, in the colour Bedford. 

Fusion Mineral paint Bedford Kitchen refinishing



 Fusion Mineral Paint UK Kitchen Refurnishing

Time for the How To's:

We gave all the cabinets a clean, and a very light sand, as we want a durable result. As our cabinets were natural wood we had an easy job. But we would recommend Ultra Grip for Melamine/Laminate cabinets, it will make a tricky job, easy peasy. 

Then we applied the first coat of Bedford, let it dry, (great excuse for takeaway!)

We applied a second coat, as we wanted a solid finish, but the number of coats is dependent on the look you are going for. 

Once the paint was dry, and we had finished the touch ups for that professional look, we decided to use Fusion Tough Coat. The paint alone is hardwearing, but as our kitchen gets a lot of natural sunlight, and a lot of use we wanted to protect it! The tough coat not only adds durability, it dries matte, AND is non-yellowing. 

(Keep your eyes peeled for a post on the Tough Coat, we will tell you all about it very soon!)

 Tough Coat By Fusion Mineral Paint is Super Tough and Non-Yellowing. |

We let that dry (one more takeaway didn't hurt)


We are finished!  




Beating the January Blue's with Furniture Painting Workshops 0

We really enjoy our workshops at Vintage Attic Sevenoaks! We run various workshops for all abilities covering lots of different techniques. Here are some photo's of just a few of the workshops we have held during January.


Fusion Mineral Furniture Painting Workshop - Beginners 101 held at Vintage Attic Sevenoaks, Kent, UK


Autentico Chalk Paint Furniture Painting Workshop held at Vintage Attic Sevenoaks, Kent, UK


Furniture Painting Workshop using Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint, held at Vintage Attic Sevenoaks, Kent, UK


Fusion Mineral Paint beginners 101 Furniture Painting Workshop, held at Vintage Attic Sevenoaks, Kent, UK


Furniture Painting Classes using Chalk Paint, held at Vintage Attic, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK



Tape Transformation - Fusion Side Table Makeover 0

Last weekend was time for another family furniture makeover. This time we helped our eldest daughter transform a wooden side table, with a geometric design.

We often find in our family, who are now all grown up and live over 4 houses, that we have a mix and match of furniture swapped between us all! But all the houses are styled differently, and what we love in our french country style home doesn't always suit a bohemian style. This was the case with this side table, so to create a crossover piece we have used a geometric design to pull together an eclectic table. 

Theres a few tips along the way with this one. 

Okay so lets begin:


1. A piece of furniture, a table or anything with a flat surface big enough to create a taped out design. 

2. Cleaning supplies - Sugar soap and a J cloth

3. Fusion Paint - We used Casement

4. A Flat Brush 

5. Fusion Tough Coat

6. Tape! A good quality decorators tape is important to ensure sharp lines

7. Scissors 

8. A rular and Pencil

9. A bit of patience, theres a bit of drying time for this one!

We first wanted to choose a pattern for the table top, something bold, but also easy to create with the straight lines of tape. We chose a cross-over design, which allowed us to keep a border of the woods natural colour and grain. 

 Geometric Inspiration for Fusion Mineral paint furniture makeover



 We started by washing the table with a damp cloth and sugar soap, to remove any dirt, and mildew. We then painted the legs, we gave them two coats. No distressing for this one as we wanted a solid finish to compliment the table top. Once all dry we used Fusion Tough coat over the whole table. We did this to keep it uniform as the table top design needed the tough coat for durability. Once all dry it was on to the fun part: we taped out the design. We split it into two parts, the square border and the middle diagonals. However we realised it was hard to keep it uniform in two stages and we were left with an overlap, so 

Tip: Tape off the whole design, before applying any paint!

Using Scissors, a ruler and the pencil was the key to creating a perfectly proportioned pattern. We used a 1/2 inch tape, and took its width for granted, keeping all of the taped off areas the width of the tape. Once the tape was applied we pressed it down firmly and evenly, paying attention to the edges of the tape to prevent any leakage. 

Tip: Regular masking tape can be a bit risky, especially in warm spaces as it peels during the painting and drying process, causing messy edges. Its worth getting a better tape for the satisfaction of crisp results. 

We applied two layers of paint, waiting 2hrs in-between each coat for the paint to be touch dry. We used a 1inch brush to help us keep it neat and in between the lines!

After leaving it for 4hrs to be completely dry... we peeled away the tape, and were left with a lovely geometric table top.

Tip: Follow the paints drying times. The drying time that we can usually be impatient with, is important for this technique, as if you peel away the tape to early you may be left with some peeled or cracked edges. Patience is definitely a virtue for this make over!



To Finish we gave the table top another layer of Fusion Tough Coat, to keep it protected from the coffee cups and wine glasses that are sure to sit on it. 

We were so pleased with the results and it suits our daughters living room perfectly, a subtle mix of old and new.  

Finished Fusion Mineral paint make over

We love to see what you have all been up to, so please do send us your project photos on our facebook project group, or tag us on instagram @vintageatticsevenoaks



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A Perfect Pair - Makeover Time for two old Bar Stools with Fusion Mineral Paint 0

A Perfect Pair of Bar stools, painted with fusion mineral paint in English Rose

Hi Everyone! We have been busy helping our lovely shop daughter with something new... upholstery, and we wanted to share it with you.

We are in no way experts, & will not pretend to be! But we have had a go and the results.. well... They’re a wonderful pair of bar stools. She had some old hand-me-down wooden stools. Painted in a gloss white, they were uncomfortable and pretty tatty. So our aim was to create a perfect pair of stools to add style to her space, but we wanted to keep it easy...

Fusion Mineral Paint Makeover using English Rose with Vintage Attic Sevenoaks

Choosing the colour and fabric is often tricky. She wanted something to compliment the rest of our furnishings. To do this we used a cushion cover, the same as the ones we already had in our living space, to give the continuity we wanted. As we only need a small amount of fabric for this project it was perfect.

Tip: The fabric chosen should be a thick and durable to hold its shape and also withstand regular use.

The colour was an easy winner for us, any excuse to introduce a soft pink to her house, the Fusion English Rose is from the Penney & Co. collection, it is very soft but offers that pop of colour without being to “girly”.

Supplies for Make over with Fusion Mineral Paint in English Rose

1. Cleaning Supples - J cloth & Sugar Soap

2. Foam Padding and Batting

3. Fabric

4. Fusion Mineral Paint - Penney & Co. Collection in English Rose

5. Paint Brush - Medium Size 6.Scissors

7. Staple gun & staples

8. pen

9. spray glue

Lets go:

1. Clean stools of any any dirt so they are ready for painting. 

2. Place the stool upside down on the foam & draw around them.

3. Cut out the circle.

4. Cut a circle of batting to layer on top of the foam.

5. Spray glue batting on top of foam.

6. Cut a sqaure of Fabric big enough to wrap the edges of the seat, be generous. Its better to have excess.

7. Paint! We used a small and a medium brush as stools can be a little tricky.

8. let it dry and paint a 2nd coat.

9. Let it fully dry/ (touch dry in 2 hours, fully dry in 4) 4. Use the spray glue to attach the foam layers to the top of the seat.

10. Place the stool upside down on the fabric sqaure.

11. Pull tightly and staple the 4 corners to the bottom of the stool around 2 inches from the edge.

Tip: Be careful not to pull the fabric too tight it may result in an uneven cushion top!

12. Neatly fold the remaining lose fabric around the seat and staple in place.

13. final step, trim the excess fabric.

Only 13 Lucky Steps to makeover these plain old stools into something new and refreshing for her home. With different colour and fabric choices, the options are literally endless. The best thing about this makeover is how quick it is! 1/2 a day is all you need to complete this tranformation.

We love to see what you have all been up to, so please do send us your project photos on our facebook project group, or tag us on instagram @vintageatticsevenoaks





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