A Perfect Pair - Makeover Time for two old Bar Stools with Fusion Mineral Paint

A Perfect Pair of Bar stools, painted with fusion mineral paint in English Rose

Hi Everyone! We have been busy helping our lovely shop daughter with something new... upholstery, and we wanted to share it with you.

We are in no way experts, & will not pretend to be! But we have had a go and the results.. well... They’re a wonderful pair of bar stools. She had some old hand-me-down wooden stools. Painted in a gloss white, they were uncomfortable and pretty tatty. So our aim was to create a perfect pair of stools to add style to her space, but we wanted to keep it easy...

Fusion Mineral Paint Makeover using English Rose with Vintage Attic Sevenoaks

Choosing the colour and fabric is often tricky. She wanted something to compliment the rest of our furnishings. To do this we used a cushion cover, the same as the ones we already had in our living space, to give the continuity we wanted. As we only need a small amount of fabric for this project it was perfect.

Tip: The fabric chosen should be a thick and durable to hold its shape and also withstand regular use.

The colour was an easy winner for us, any excuse to introduce a soft pink to her house, the Fusion English Rose is from the Penney & Co. collection, it is very soft but offers that pop of colour without being to “girly”.

Supplies for Make over with Fusion Mineral Paint in English Rose

1. Cleaning Supples - J cloth & Sugar Soap

2. Foam Padding and Batting

3. Fabric

4. Fusion Mineral Paint - Penney & Co. Collection in English Rose

5. Paint Brush - Medium Size 6.Scissors

7. Staple gun & staples

8. pen

9. spray glue

Lets go:

1. Clean stools of any any dirt so they are ready for painting. 

2. Place the stool upside down on the foam & draw around them.

3. Cut out the circle.

4. Cut a circle of batting to layer on top of the foam.

5. Spray glue batting on top of foam.

6. Cut a sqaure of Fabric big enough to wrap the edges of the seat, be generous. Its better to have excess.

7. Paint! We used a small and a medium brush as stools can be a little tricky.

8. let it dry and paint a 2nd coat.

9. Let it fully dry/ (touch dry in 2 hours, fully dry in 4) 4. Use the spray glue to attach the foam layers to the top of the seat.

10. Place the stool upside down on the fabric sqaure.

11. Pull tightly and staple the 4 corners to the bottom of the stool around 2 inches from the edge.

Tip: Be careful not to pull the fabric too tight it may result in an uneven cushion top!

12. Neatly fold the remaining lose fabric around the seat and staple in place.

13. final step, trim the excess fabric.

Only 13 Lucky Steps to makeover these plain old stools into something new and refreshing for her home. With different colour and fabric choices, the options are literally endless. The best thing about this makeover is how quick it is! 1/2 a day is all you need to complete this tranformation.

We love to see what you have all been up to, so please do send us your project photos on our facebook project group, or tag us on instagram @vintageatticsevenoaks






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