Cling On Brushes.

These amazing Cling On! Brushes have been designed and brought to life by veteran painter Frank Michielsen.  With over 30 years in the industry Frank's experience and expertise has created the most amazing paint brushes.
Cling On! brushes are handmade in Holland and offer SUPERIOR paint application for all water based paints. 
The very BEST BLEND of specially engineered SYNTHETIC FILAMENTS  in various lengths and diameters, made in the USA by  Industry leader DuPont are secured into the stainless steel ferrule by epoxy cement, ensuring there is ZERO filament shedding. 
Cling On!'s nylon bristles have a special dye coating and are designed to be stored in water in-between use.  The filaments retains their stiffness in water and returns perfectly to their original shape.
After painting, just rinse your brush a little and hang with the brush's feet in water, due to the special coating any remaining paint will simply fall from the bristles. 
Cling On! brushes retain there shape beautifully, due to the carefully selected filaments, further enhanced by the dye coating. 
The Cling On! Brush keeper is ideal for storing your brushes and  water should be changed regularly. 
There are 17 Cling On! brushes in total to choose from in different shapes - Rounded, Oval, Flat, Angle, Shorty and Wall. 
You will enjoy EXCELLENT paint pick up, coverage and sharp cutting in. 
The longer length and short painted handle is made from beech wood and contributes to a very sturdy, durable and long lasting brush.
With the Cling On! brushes there is no doubt about it, YOU WILL produce a SMOOTH, FLAWLESS and BRUSH STROKE FREE finish, which is why Cling On! brushes are every painters best friend!
We just know you will love painting with your new CLING ON! brush! 
Before you start we have a few tips to ensure you brush is well looked after:
The Round and Oval CLING ON! brushes have string wrapped around the base of the filaments, just above the stainless steel ferrule.  The string should NOT be removed prior to and whilst painting, its design is to assist the brush maintain its shape. 
Before using your CLING ON! for the first time, it is beneficial to allow the brush to absorb some water.
A quick dip in a glass of water and a gentle spin, will prepare your brush perfectly for use.
CLING ON! brushes are quite unique, they are designed to be kept wet in between use.  The CLING ON! brushkeeper will hold multiple brushes suspended in water, without the filament tips touching the bottom, making sure the brushes only get "their feet wet".  The water should be changed regularly.
Your CLING ON! brushes will stay in perfect shape for a long time, allowing for a perfect finish, using just the tips of the brush.

All in one Oil and Finishing Stain.

Currently we are unable to have the Fusion oil and finishing stain in the UK. Although get the look you can use the Miss Mustard Milk Paint as a stain, or the Fusion/Homestead House stain and then finish using the hemp oil. 

To use the stain simply mix 1 part of the powder with 3 parts water and apply to bare surface. Allow to dry and then finish with hemp oil.

What is Fusion Mineral Paint 

Fusion Mineral paint is a simple to use furniture paint that has maximum durability and requires no wax!