What Is So Great about Fusion Mineral Paint

What's So Good About Fusion™ Mineral Paint

Want to find out what makes Fusion™  Mineral Paint Furniture Paint the best paint to choose for painting furniture and kitchen unit makeovers, well read on...

Fusion™ is a water-based mineral paint and not a chalk paint!

Fusion™ has a superior super smooth matte finish although it is still possible to create all the decorative effects that you can with chalk paint, such as blending paint and distressing.

The difference is that Fusion is made up of 100% pure acrylic resin and high level of natural minerals pigments, giving high coverage and exceptional colour.

Providing furniture painters with a professional paint, the perfect choice for that all important brush free finish that is highly durable.

Highly Durable Finish

The 100% pure acrylic resin content used in

Fusion even though it has an environmentally conscious formulation this paint is incredibly hard-wearing, with a waterproof, non-porous finish, making it suitable for not only furniture painting, but also for use on kitchens, bannisters and bathrooms as well as exterior projects such as front doors, windows and garden furniture.

The paint can take up to 21 days to fully cure (for more details on this please see our information on dry time versus cure time), but once Fusion has cured, this professional paint yields a highly durable, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, washable finish that is UV resistant, with no need for a finishing coat! 

Because it is UV stable it will not yellow or fade, giving a long lasting colour.

For general applications such as cabinets and drawers it requires no top coat as it is self sealing. For projects that will be subjected to high traffic, such as kitchen units and exterior projects then the use of Fusion™ Tough Coat is recommended.

Extensive Paint Colours

With over 50 gorgeous colours to choose from, for you to colour, reinvent and enjoy your space. You are bound to find the perfect shade in this pot of mineral inspiration to add colour around your home.

New colour launches are a regular occurrence, keeping line with the current interior colour trends to Paint it Beautiful™



You will notice that Fusion has a lovely fluid consistency which self-levels and really helps your application with exceptional ease at achieving that super smooth brushless finish. A particular aspect of this furniture paint is that as it cures it continues to flatten as the moisture evaporates out, creating a flawless finish.

Minimal Prep Work Required

A really big plus is that Fusion has exceptional adhesion due to it's 100% acrylic resin content, allowing the paint to be used on a variety of surfaces with minimal prep work needed. Although whatever you are painting, it is worth carrying out the correct the prep work for your project (take a look at out our 'how to paint in 8 easy steps' for our advice on this) It is always a good idea to know your surface so that your handiwork has the best possible chance of a long lifespan.

As a minimum you should always clean your project thoroughly. (again see our advice on this)


So What Does All of this mean for YOU the Painter

Fusion's pot of mineral inspiration has big advantages for busy diyers, whether you are a professional painter, creative painter or a new to painting painter, you are bound to be wowed by the benefits of this paint and its exceptional ease of application with built in top coat.

So What are the Advantages of Fusion Mineral Fusion ?

Great Coverage

A little really does go a long way, our customers are always really surprised by this. With exceptional coverage, a 500ml pot will cover approximately 7 square meters (75 sq ft) and will paint a large sideboard easily, or 2 bedside cabinets and a medium chest of drawers. Available 2 sizes, 37ml tester pots and 500ml pots.

Water Based

Being water based the paint dries quickly and washes easily from your paint brushes and applicators using cold to warm water, no solvents required! You might want to try Fusion brush soap, which is ideal for cleaning and conditioning your brushes, made from 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients, so it's also good for your hands!


Another good thing to know is that Fusion paint is non-toxic, lead free, virtually odourless, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and free of chemicals commonly used in paint production, such as ammonia and formaldehyde. It is safety certified for use on children's furniture and toys.

Long Life

A shelf life of up to seven years! Yes, really once opened Fusion can last up to seven years and will not go hard and dry up, separate or 'go off' if kept correctly. Even freezing conditions do not affect it, as it is capable of freezing and thawing up to three times before its quality becomes affected. The paint needs to be kept airtight in its container.

Top Tip

You may notice that once you have opened your paint, the next time you go to use it the lid has sealed and is very difficult to remove. This is nothing to worry about it is the acrylic doing its job. To open simply, carefully take a blunt knife or the handle of a metal tea spoon under the edge of the lid and pull away slightly, you may to turn the pot and repeat in a few places around the edge of the lid. You will find that this will break the seal and allow you to open the paint pot with ease.

Fusion™ Products and Decorative Accents

You won't fail to be impressed by the extensive array of decorative accessories that this brand has to offer. to give your piece that little extra protection or for a desired look. Although there is no need for a top coat!  However, if desired, you can achieve a beautiful lustre with the addition of a top coat, wax or oil. We have a whole array of beautiful and decorative finishing products to choose from, perfect for creating unique faux finishes

From Metallic Paints, coloured waxes, Glazes, embossing paste, decoupage and image transfer gel, as well as the fantastic TSP (surface cleaner), all natural brush soap. Not forgetting the metallic waxes for adding lovely shimmering highlights.

One of our best selling products is Stain and Finishing oil (SFO) this is great for using to colour and protect natural wood. Or you can use it over the paint, it is recommended over the dark colours, such as Coal Black and Midnight Blue, if you want to add another layer of durability of some extra soft sheen.

The Fusion Ultra Grip is an adherence primer and can be used on difficult surfaces, such as laminate finishes and surfaces that are particularly shiny and non-porous such as glass and metal. A fun fact about the ultra grip is that you can use it for iron on decoupage!

The Fusion Tough Coat can be used when an extra layer of protection is required, such as when painting kitchen units or table tops.

The main purpose of using the Tough Coat™ other than adding more sheen is to prevent rub wear, which can happen over a long period of time. For example on a kitchen cupboard door, when the handle is in constant use, such as on a fridge freezer or the cutlery drawer. Over time you will get rub wear, although if you have applied the tough coat, then it is this later that will rub rather than the paint. You can as a precaution reapply the tough coat after a year, to the areas that are in constant use, so that your paint remains protected.

Another reason for applying the Tough Coat might be to seal one of our Furniture Transfers or Decoupage Papers.

If you want to add texture and patina then the Fresco will be just what you need. A particular favourite of ours is the natural hemp oil, which is not only great over painted surfaces, but also fantastic for restoring natural wood finishes and offer superior durability. 

With all of these great products to inspire you, you will have no trouble going from inspired to admired in no time at all. In fact it is possible to makeover a small project in few hours. It is the perfect product to get artistic with and to enjoy some creative time out for yourself.

Fusion™ Mineral Workshops

If you are feeling inspired and want to get started but need a little help getting off the ground then you might interested in one of our furniture painting workshops.

We run lots of different workshops from beginner through to advanced classes. Held by Elaine, who has been a professional furniture for a number of years and has been running workshops and helping furniture painters for over ten years.

As well as furniture painting techniques you can also talk to us about the best ways to buy and sell your furniture and where to advertise. Maybe you need some help with starting up your furniture painting business or with your social media to promote your painting business.

Paint It Beautiful With These Easy Steps

To reinvent and enjoy your home and living spaces

Getting Started

First of all pick your colour reinvent and enjoy with over 50 gorgeous colours to choose from.

The secret to a beautiful finish is to apply Fusion Mineral Paint to a clean surface. Once the surface has been cleaned using TSP, Fusion will adhere well to both water-based and oil based paints, without the use of a primer. Cleaning first with our TSP Alternative will help remove grease and dirt, and if there is a gloss, give it a light scuff sand, we recommend using 240 grit sandpaper. Use white spirit to remove soft wax, siliconised oil polishes, fire retardants or any stickiness that the TSP degreaser was unable to remove.

We recommend using Fusion Ultra Gripâ„¢ our adhesion primer on very high gloss finishes, detailed areas that would be damaged by sanding, or slick surfaces like laminates and melamine.

For items that present staining, water damage or wood knots, it is best to treat these first with our Boss Stain Blocker, available in white, clear and grey, to prevent bleed through from wood tannins.

Selecting Your Tools

Your tools for applying Fusion Mineral Paint are just as important as your technique. Keep in mind when hand painting a piece of furniture or kitchen project, part of the charm can be the hand painted look of brush strokes. To achieve a brush stroke free finish use less paint on your brush or applicator and use the finest tools. Try one of our premium paint brushes or rollers, such as our Staalmeester, Cling On, Dixie Belle or Brush keeper brands for a flawless brush stroke free finish.

Easy Application

Remember that a little goes a long way! Depending on your project starting base colour and your chosen paint colour, you will need anywhere from 1-3 coats for full coverage, although even if you achieve full coverage with the first coat we recommend applying a second coat to achieve maximum durability.

Apply a small amount of paint to your applicator, and brush or roll end to end, always working with the grain, or if it has no grain, where the grain would be if it were natural wood. If you can see paint lines or dimple marks, use less paint on your tools.

If your paint is drying too quickly and creating texture or brush marks, increase your open time by adding Fusion Extender into the paint to give you longer working time.

Re-Coat Time

Fusion Mineral Paint is dry to the touch after 30 minutes and ready for a re-coat within 1-2 hours.

The standard cure time with all acrylic paints is up to 21 days, although, painted surfaces can be used gently after 24 to 48 hours of drying time.

Certain conditions such as high humidity and roller temperatures can vastly extend drying and cure times, as well as when multiple coats of paint have been applied.

Be gentle with your newly painted pieces in the first couple of days to ensure that perfect finish.

Built in top coat

Don't worry about sealing your painted piece - Fusion mineral paintâ„¢ needs no additional top coat, as is very durable.

After the paint is fully cured, wash away spills using a soft cloth with water and a milk soap.

Specialty Finishes and Faux Effects If you require more protection there are several top coat options. On a light paint colour you will love the non-yellowing clear, matte or gloss Tough Coatâ„¢. If you are using a dark colour and with to increase the lustre and durability in one step, apply the Fusionâ„¢ Stain and Finishing oil in natural or the Fusionâ„¢ Hemp Oil. Looking to enhance sheen, add a lovely pearl lustre, or perhaps a shimmering metallic glow? Try one of Fusionâ„¢'s clear, coloured or metallic waxes. For a rustic or weathered and worn charm try Fusionâ„¢'s Ageing wax or Antiquing Glaze.

The Company Behind the Fusionâ„¢ Brand

Fusionâ„¢ was developed by Homestead House Paint Co, a Canadian-based, family run company that has been providing high quality, non-toxic paints across North America since 1988.

Fusion Mineral Paints exclusive formula was created over years of research and testing, using only the highest quality ingredients ensuring the health and safety of products to meet the highest standards.

Fusionâ„¢ speaks for itself, with furniture painters returning to this product time and again. This paint provides furniture painters with a best in class paint, that has high coverage and exceptional ease of application, under pinned by an environmentally conscious formulation, superior durability, easy one-step application and significantly improved strength.

Fusionâ„¢ is a paint consisting of 100% acrylic in its formulation that delivers an exceptional matte finish and requires minimal prep work.

The founders of Fusionâ„¢ believe in eco-responsible paint production with the paint being hand crafted and batched in Ontario Canada.

What started as a humble small business has grown into a global brand, available in over 30 countries. By sticking to their family values the brand has continued to grow.