Fusion Mineral Paint FAQ's


What makes Fusion Mineral Paint so different?

Fusion is a 100% acrylic paint with no fillers! Our pigments are all derived from natural minerals, and our paint is 100% non-toxic with no lead, and no phthalates. Plus - it’s got a built-in top coat that is UV, water, and stain resistant - meaning you don’t have to wax or seal it!

How long does it take to dry?

Fusion is dry to the touch in about 30 minutes, but for best results, we recommend waiting 1-2 hours between coats.

The paint takes about 21 days to cure (for the water to completely evaporate) and get to its most durable state, so we suggest being a little bit gentle for the first few days.

What can I use it on?

Just about everything! We’ve seen Fusion on front doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, even shoes! We’re always testing the possibilities of Fusion, so if you find something new that works, let us know!

Can I use Fusion outside?

Yes! Fusion is water and UV resistant, so it can last through rain and won’t fade in the sun. It’s been tried and tested - it will last through a Canadian winter!

How should I prep my piece?

A good paint is only as strong as the surface you put it on, so prep is key to durability. We recommend cleaning all surfaces with our TSP Alternative or another degreaser. For surfaces with a bit of a sheen, we recommend a scuff sand to add some “tooth” for the paint to adhere to. If the surface is extremely high gloss, very detailed, or can’t be sanded, you may need to use our Ultra Grip™ as an adhesion primer.

For wood surfaces that are prone to bleed through or to seal pine knots, we recommend a coat or two of Dixie Belle Boss primer. For more details, read our top tips for using Fusion Mineral Paint

How much paint do I need?

Not as much as you think! Each 500 mL jar of Fusion paints about 75 square feet - which is about two coats on a large dresser. Fusion is packaged in pints because it’s the size that most projects require, without having too much left over.

Please note that coverage does depend on the colour you’re painting with, your starting surface, and your painting technique.

Can I use Fusion on my cabinets?

Absolutely! Fusion is extremely durable and easy to wipe clean. Be sure to check out our How to Use Fusion to learn all the tips and tricks.

When do I need to use a top coat?

With Fusion, you never need to use a top coat, but there are times where you may want to. We do recommend a top coat for higher traffic surfaces like kitchen cabinets or dining tables. In this case, we recommend our Tough Coat™ for lighter colours and our Stain & Finishing Oil in Natural for darker colours. Extra topcoats may also be desired if you want to change the sheen of the paint.

What’s the shelf life?

Fusion stays good for 7 years when it is stored in an airtight container. We like to put a sheet of plastic wrap between the jar and the lid if we know we aren’t going to be using it in a while, as that helps to keep the air out!

Can you mix me a custom colour?

The only colours available are the ones we list on our website - but there’s more than 50 of them so lots to choose from! And if that’s not enough for you, we also have a recipe book of custom colours that you can make by mixing 50/50 or by adding one tester to a pint!