Maison Berger - Cotton Caress Set of 2 Car Diffuser Refills - Car Diffusers

Product Description
Create a soothing atmosphere in your car with the Cotton Caress Car Diffuser Refills.
Like cotton fibre, consisting of several layers, the Cotton Caress fragrance is made of several olfactory notes. Arranged in harmonious layers, fresh notes tease your sense of smell and combine with the mellow scents of orange blossom and musk, recalling the silky aspect of cotton. In a confined space, like the car, this light and moderately intense fragrance (3 out of 5) is not too overpowering. This pack comprises two ceramic refills to prolong these moments of escape. We help you to reduce you ecological footprint by proposing refillable and therefore reusable diffusers. No need to throw them away and then buy more! Multiple scented refills are available for a variety of pleasures. However, the Cotton Caress Car Diffuser Refills do not include the diffuser.
  • The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.