Maison Berger Fragrance - Linen Blossom - Dreams of Flowers

Product Description

The infinite softness of a linen sheet drying in the spring sunshine; this is what the new Lin en Fleurs home fragrance evokes. A sweet floral fragrance combining the crisp freshness of apple and the discreet elegance of bamboo. At the heart, the delicate fragrance of flax flowers is lifted by the creamy facet of ylang-ylang and the rich sweetness of magnolia. A veil of musk envelops the bottom of the olfactory composition to accentuate the pastoral innocence of this new fragrance.


It wafts the scent of spring over your home. Combined with a lamp in the season’s colours, this new fragrance will give you the impression of a freshly washed linen sheet twisting and turning in the light breeze. Using fragrances other than those of Lampe Berger can seriously damage your burner.

The fragrance:

A light and spring-like Home Fragrance.

Top notes: Bamboo, apple, melon, violet.

Heart notes: Flax flower, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, ylang-ylang.

Bottom notes: Musk.

Composition: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol.

Home fragrance 500ml or 1lt