Product Description


500 ml (1 pint) container

Hemp Oil a natural food safe oil finish containing no solvents. It provides a protective, water-resistant surface.

It is very easy to apply, making finishing your projects a breeze! 

You can use Hemp Oil on milk painted or other painted surfaces for protection. You can also use Hemp Oil on bare wood to bring out the natural colours and patina for a beautiful authentic finish. 

It penetrates to protect from the inside out. It does not leave a surface film that will chip or scratch. 

• Food safe

• No chemicals

• No VOC’s

• Breathable

• Biodegradeable

• 100% natural hemp seed

Oil and Finishing Stain.

Currently we are unable to have the Fusion oil and finishing stain in the UK. Although get the look you can use the Miss Mustard Milk Paint as a stain, or the Fusion/Homestead House stain and then finish using the hemp oil. 

To use the stain simply mix 1 part of the powder with 3 parts water and apply to bare surface. Allow to dry and then finish with hemp oil.


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