Autentico Versante Outdoor Chalk Paint Special Editions

Product Description

Pure and natural chalk paint from Autentico. Vintage Chalk Paint is perfect for beautifully painted furniture and decorative effects.

Lovely super smooth chalk paint great for creating that on trend shabby chic effect.

This easy to use water based paint has a very consistent finish and very little smell.

No need to strip, prime or sand, can be painted straight onto most surfaces. It is advisable to wash surface down before painting with something like a sugar soap solution.

After painting finish off with wax or sealant to protect your item from marking.

Full advice sheet and painting tips available upon request.

Versante / Outdoor

A high quality real chalk paint for a long lasting, elegant finish. It is self-priming, UV-resistant with built in moisture control, making it suitable for interior and exterior use. Available in our entire 150+ palette.