Autentico Chalk Paint Vintage Application Tips and Advice

Autentico Vintage ~ Ideal for furniture painting 

Autentico Vintage is 100 % natural chalk paint. We do not add chemical drying catalysts (so called "super-dryers") because the paint will then dry too fast preventing a the famous Autentico smooth finish 

First was your item down with some diluted sugar soap, next give your item a light sand with some coarse sand paper, just aim for a light scuffle, then wash thoroughly once more with your sugar soap solution. 

No need to prime, although some items may ‘bleed’ (previous stain or oils penetrate through) unfortunately it is not possible to tell beforehand if this will occur. If ‘bleed’ does occur then you will need to block these areas with a stain block. Although in some instances this can be a positive thing as can add aging, depending on the item. 
Use a largish paint brush of good quality, no hair loss. 
You may need more than two coats, (you are not using lots of paint as the paint goes on quite thinly ) it is the build up that gives a lovely finish. 
Allow paint to fully dry before waxing. You can sand prior to waxing if you prefer. 
Apply wax in a thin layer, with small sponge, brush or lint free cloth, leave overnight to dry and buff with soft lint free cloth, repeat if necessary. 
Sand lightly using fine grade to medium grade sand paper to distress. 
You can apply dark wax to some areas at this stage to add an aged effect. 
Apply more clear wax to seal. 
Autentico Sealer 
The sealer is great for protecting larger painted surfaces (table tops, kitchen cupboards) or walls and even floorboards. 
We've put our sealer to the test and it survived all comparisons to other water based varnishes without any problem. How does it work ? 
After painting with Vintage, Velvet or Venice make sure the paint has dried completely, leave over night to fully dry before applying the sealer.. Apply a first coat of the sealer with a roller or brush or sponge after diltuting with 10 % of water. 
Leave to dry and apply a second coat, this time dilute only with 5 % water. That's it. 

I usually pour a bit into a plastic container (like a takeaway box) with airtight lid. Then I add my 10% of water to this. You can have two made up one with 10% and one with 5%) A small radiator roller will fit into this container. It takes approx 1 hour to dry between coats, leave overnight to fully dry.