Product Description

This universal Flatbush is is best used for varnish, to stain large areas such as wooden floors and/or for large flat surfaces on furniture or painting boards for signmaking.

The small size is 1" wide, the medium is 1.5" wide and the large is 2" wide.

The brush features a traditional beechwood handle and a coppered ferrule, along with the special Staalmeester® synthetic blend bristles that ensures better paint absorbtiona and an even smoother finish with a stripe-less result. This universal Flatbush is suitable for both synthetic and water-based paints. 
Staalmeester® Synthetic Blend Brushes were created for Painted Perfection. Staalmeester® have been manufacturing brushes for over 70 years.

TIP: All brushes, no matter the price and quality, lose bristles when new. As soon as you unwrap your new brush, hold it firmly and pull on the bristles a few times to coax any loose hairs out. Then use Use Brush Soap to clean your brush well. Let dry and paint away!