Lampe Berger Paris is Becoming Maison Berger Paris

Lampe Berger is Celebrating 120 years of innovative creations, and with this they have announced their new grown up name: Maison Berger Paris.

To celebrate we are going to share a brief history of this Parisian company with you all!

They began back in 1898. Maurice Berger, a french pharmacist, invented a system to disinfect and purify the air in hospitals to help with Sepsis. He used the process of diffusion by catalysis discovered by Justus von Liebig and Charles Gerhardt. He patented his invention.

This led the way for the birth of Lampe Berger, Berger opened his first shop in 1910, 18 Rue Duphot in Paris. The invention quickly became something to use in homes. 

By1930 Lampe Berger had introduced fragrances to the lamps, making them not just practical but now a luxury product. With collaborations with famous designers and major manufactures the lamps started becoming collectables.


In the 1950's the top porcelain producers joined the train, and the brand gained a new fan base with the likes of:  Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau, Colette and Picasso all owning there own Lampe Berger. 


Lampe Berger continued to grow and gain more fans worldwide (including us!) They now sell over 5 million litres of fragrance and 800,000 lamps every year all around the world! Now 120 years old, Lampe Berger is still evolving, not only with its new name, but also with the new ranges of products. 

We wish Maison Berger a Happy Birthday! 










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